What is Adoptimization?

Adoptimization is the strategy to adopt technology to optimize a business process.

Higher Costs are the Challenge

The costs to originate a mortgage have doubled over the past 10 years. This means borrowers have to pay more to obtain a mortgage.

Technology is Not Enough

Lenders rely on technology to improve their business processes to reduce costs. However, better technology has not been successful at keeping costs from rising.

Adoptimization is the Answer

Technology by itself is just a tool. In order for lenders to be more successful, they need to fully adopt the technology utilizing it in accordance with best practices.

Loan Origination System.

Our solution is comprised of many components like a flower is comprised of many petals.

LendingQB's unique approach to system building is to layer its core platform and best of breed components together to create the optimal solution for each lender.

Loan Origination Platform

  • Primary system of record
  • Extendable via web services
  • Built-in workflow engine

Comprehensive Compliance

  • Automated compliance checks
  • Configurable business rules/hard stops
  • Automated red-flag reporting

Total Decision Engine

  • Deep credit analysis
  • Automated conditions generation
  • Automated calculation of fees
  • Non-QM products

Best of Breed

  • Work with the best technologies
  • Seamless integrations
  • Collaborative partnerships

Web Portals

  • Consumer portal
  • Wholesale portal
  • Correspondent portal
From all the different roles in our company — processors to post-closers to finance — LendingQB is so much more understandable than the LOS we had before.
— Jim Howard, Open Mortgage CTO

Superior Support.

93.3% of clients using the Instant Chat feature gave LendingQB the highest customer satisfaction rating.

Support Center

Easily access all of our support resources — documents, videos, release notes — from one central location.

Instant Chat

Get the help you need, when you need it. We've built a chat module directly into LendingQB for quick and easy access.


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