In any business, companies can only move as fast as the slowest part of the process. For mortgage lenders, the slowest part of the loan process – outside of regulatory mandated waiting periods – has often been the limitations of physical paper. Whether it is the printing, delivery and fulfillment of paper-based disclosures and closing

The Value of True Digital Lending

When it comes to modern digital lending, point-of-sale technology is a trendy topic. Every lender wants a shiny, intuitive POS for their borrowers so they can apply for a loan anywhere, at any time. It’s a great system, but in reality it’s been around for many years. The problem is, lenders are shopping for these

Mortgage lenders everywhere are upgrading to e-mortgage capabilities, which means they are moving away from the traditional paper-based processes of the past and converting over to all-digital processes. That means lenders are increasingly investing in new technologies – for example, many now have online portals through which borrowers can learn about the mortgage process, shop

Business enterprises are constantly on the lookout for the perfect technology solution. The ideal platform is one that combines user functionality, business benefits and cost management into a single system. In the mortgage LOS space, lenders are presented with three ways to build the operating system that serves as the backbone for all loan operations:

Mortgage lenders are losing the battle against inefficiency. Profits are down, costs are up, and productivity has been on a slide since 2012. Loan origination technology is supposed to be the cure for the productivity blues, but its impact is nowhere to be seen. Is loan origination system (LOS) technology failing to live up to

Many lenders waste time and money implementing a highly configurable Loan Origination System (LOS) because they believe they need a unique loan production process. This article will help lenders understand how an LOS with best practices dramatically reduces technology costs and implementation time. Lenders pay a price chasing customization. Many lenders feel having a different

Are You Lean?

The most common responses that lenders give when asked “What is your most important strategic objectives?” are, “I want to raise my profitability by improving productivity and reducing costs,” and “I want to improve loan quality so that I don’t have to deal with buy-backs or regulatory penalties.” Furthermore, if you ask most lenders why

There is nothing scarier than making the decision to move to a new loan origination system (LOS). It is laborious, expensive and just a major headache to deal with. But a recent study by Genpact showed that up to 90% of lenders are considering making this move. The mortgage industry is clearly in transition, and

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