BY Challenge

Deciding to switch your Loan Origination System is no small endeavor. Technology gaps, limited processes, and consistent frustration are often the culprits that spark an interest in a new LOS. Getting there is expensive, time-consuming, and a risk for your business.  So let's address those concerns by looking at your challenges.

Thorough and efficient implementations.

So you've decided to purchase a LOS, but your investment's value is dependent upon implementing it timely and successfully. Due to LendingQB's SaaS web-browser based solution and comprehensive team approach, implementation can go as fast as you can learn it.

We provide you with an experienced team of implementation experts that ensure a rapid, efficient and transparent implementation process. The process has been honed over many years involving implementations for small and large volume lenders, covering all types of lending channels: retail, wholesale, correspondent, housing finance agencies, credit unions and banks. Our team can handle any project and deliver on-time and under budget.

Read how we completed an implementation in just 45 days.

The industry's most 'integratable' LOS.

LendingQB developed some of the mortgage industry's first API's, allowing connections to a catalog of hundreds of integrations and services that empower lenders to lend their way. With a best-of-breed approach, lenders get to choose what services they prefer to allow for the flexibility, and scalability, that lenders need to grow their business.

All-in-one solutions force lenders to use lower tier services that lack innovation. With Open API's, lenders utilize the latest innovative technologies that they choose, so there's no need to settle for minimal LOS functionality with lower tier services.

Workflow matters.

LendingQB utilizes a configurable business-rules engine that adapts to unique workflows. Lenders can configure red-flag notifications and hard-stops to prevent mistakes at any step of the mortgage process to create the smoothest origination experience possible.

Automated validation checks alert lenders when to generate disclosures, change of circumstance, and re-disclosures.

Low cost & high reward.

Computer, Internet, LendingQB; It’s all you need. LendingQB shoulders the weight of your technological needs to keep costs low. A team of highly specialized engineers maintains and update servers on-site to keep LendingQB live at all times.

The LOS utilizes technical architecture designed for scalability; SQL database, .NET Framework, & a multi-tenant data structure allows lenders to focus on what’s important on the front-end; Taking loans from origination all the way to closing.

Ease of mind.

Compliance is top-of-mind for all lenders. LendingQB’s numerous automated compliance integrations ensure lenders are confident in their lending practices.

Automated red-flag reporting and hard-stops allow users to rest assured that loans won’t move forward without taking necessary precautions. We work closely with organizations to ensure that our data and system is up to date for the latest digital lending regulations.

100% Implementation Success

Shopping for a LOS is an overwhelmingly large, difficult, and frustrating task for lenders. It’s easy to get caught up in what a system can do in the now, but what about the future? LendingQB’s technology-first approach retains today’s best technology with room for the future’s innovation. API’s have allowed us to keep lenders current and future goals at the forefront.

No software required.

With browser-based functionality, lenders don’t need to worry about updating their software, having it take up space on a hard-drive, or manually updating a packaged file. The LendingQB LOS allows lenders to focus on the loan pipeline while we focus on the backend. LendingQB is cross-browser to allow lenders to lend their way while we do the heavy-lifting.

SaaS, System and a Service.

We’re redefining SaaS in both technology and practice. LendingQB is an innovative option for lenders who know exactly what they want. Open API’s allow lenders to take the reins of a best-of-breed platform to create an ultimate lending experience. Flexibility allows us to fit into any lenders given workflow. We’re not interested in shoe-horning lenders into a single workflow.

Service is important. LendingQB doesn’t just give lenders a platform to originate mortgage loans with; it offers lenders the backbone of support necessary to ensure that the lending process never halts. LendingQB's Software Support Analysts are available for live chat and phone support when lenders need them. If complications need further assistance, Tactical Account Managers are ready to escalate and prioritize issues.  Our commitment is in the numbers.


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