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No Updates, No Downtime. Learn what Software AND a Service means to LendingQB

Reliability and Speed without Data Degradation

Intelligent Data Relationships between Multiple Datapoints and Information

Easy Integrations Made Possible with Every kind of Partner

Seamless Lights Out Integration to Make Underwriting Easy

Streamlined and Optimized at Every Step of the Process

Customizable During Implementation and After

Easy Configuration and Customization Throughout the LOS

Over 250 Integration Partners that Help Streamline the Origination Process

Industry Standard Security Apparatus that Keeps Data Safe Including SSAE-16 Certification

Built in Automation to Ensure Compliant Loans

More than just a Pricing Engine, Deeply Integrated into Every Aspect of the LOS

Software as a Service

No updates. No waiting. Our Software lives on the internet so you don't have to download anything, ever.

LendingQB’s LOS runs as a true Software as a Service meaning that, unlike other LOS software, our services are always connected to the backend of our systems. We take advantage of this in many ways. LendingQB’s LOS never has to be stopped or paused to update, we maintain the entire platform in house, and there is no hardware other than a computer with the capability of opening a web-browser needed. Because our LOS isn’t a stand-alone offline software, it has the capability to change with the mortgage industry.

Software as a Service is a software that exists in a web browser as a service. At LendingQB, True Software as a Service is truly Software and a Service. All of our technology, from the end-to-end LOS to our specialized automation engines, run because of our dedicated support teams. These teams work to ensure that every support question is answered knowledgeably and quickly. Our services exist not just as a loan origination software in a web-browser, but also as dedicated support staff that can provide efficiencies at any step, from day to day troubleshooting to integrating with a new 3rd party vendor, LendingQB support teams are there to supplement our software.

The advantages of True SaaS give LendingQB a leading edge in the industry.

  • Backend Integrations from LOS directly into 3rd party databases
  • Customization
  • Lessened IT Costs for our Lenders
  • No Outages
  • No Software Versions


  • No updates
  • Platform of support built in
  • Portability
  • Scalability

Technical Architecture

Top of the line technology designed for optimizing the loan process


The LOS utilizes a multi-tenancy architecture. This architecture allows individual lenders to use a singular instance of the system while maintaining a high level of configurability. Multi-tenancy is leveraged several ways:

  • There are no software or version updates for specific lenders or vendors. When LendingQB does update, it is rolled out to all customers simultaneously, without down-time and or interruption.
  • Multi-tenancy also allows for scalability. Unlike a flat-file systems which reads data sequentially, multi-tenancy allows for larger databases to be readable non-sequentially leading to faster speeds and less degradation of data.

Relational Databases

LendingQB utilizes SQL relational databases meaning that our databases can recognize relations among data points. For example the credit reports and eligible loan products are related through one specific borrower, our system is able to detect and relate that information so that it is easily accessible and readable by the lender. Once the borrower or loan officer enters the initial information, LendingQBs SQL relational databases track and copy that data to automatically populate fields. Nothing has to be entered twice. Our API's can communicate directly with these relational databases to automatically fill fields. This database structure allows for automation and enables our faster, fitter lending approach.


Open API

Making it easier to connect Lenders with third-party software.

Connecting Lendors and Vendors

An open API is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building an application. We use open API's as a toolbox to do three things: expand our lender’s capability to communicate with multiple vendors simultaneously, to customize the user experience in a way that data can be efficiently read by the user, and to automate processes to shorten the loan origination. LendingQB works with lenders to build specific integrations with vendors to integrate with the LOS using these API's. Open API's allow our systems to communicate data back and forth between vendor and our core system securely and quickly. LendingQB has successfully integrated with over 250 partners to better our lenders experience.  Using this Open API toolbox we work with both the lender and vendor to provide a seamless experience and useful component to expand the LOS.

Always working in the background

Take credit checks as an example: Open API’s allow the lenders system to ask the three big credit bureaus to send back information about a customer simultaneously. That large amount of data from three different systems comes back to the lenders system and is then combined and  displayed in a manner that can be easily read and understood. All of which takes place automatically in the background of the LOS.

Automating More

Everyday processes that at one time required a manual back and forth between companies, can now be automated to be done in the background of your LOS. No more waiting on  emails or phone calls from your vendor. Open API's allow for the lender to input the data directly into the vendors system and instruct that system to output the information without having to leave the LOS, or even make a phone call.

Applicable to POS and more

  • Loan application data exchange
  • Loan status data exchange
  • Credit report ordering
  • Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter® ordering
  • Total Decision Engine (PriceMyLoan included)
  • Automated conditions (generated from the Total Decision Engine)
  • Document uploads
  • Initial disclosures/Loan estimates
  • Closing disclosures
  • Appraisal ordering

Truly Seamless

LendingQB’s system of Open API's enables the lender to input information directly into multiple vendors systems securely. The API's also allow for complete customization. If you don’t like how the information is displayed for any reason the Open API can be customized to display that information differently. This allows for an open and customizable user interface. A better interface allows for a better loan origination experience and ultimately a faster process.
Currently LendingQB maintains over 250 relationships with various vendors from various sectors of the technology industry. These relationships offer lenders a customized experience. If there is a vendor you want to work with using our LOS, our integrations team is ready and excited to build an integration to meet your specifications. Please use our Contact Integrations page.

The Total Decision Engine

Automation for Every Role

What does Automation in the Loan Origination Process mean

Automation is defined as a method of making a process work without being directly controlled by a person. In the mortgage world automated processes save time by taking data inputs and putting it through the system to produce a useful output automatically. Without getting too technical, automation saves keystrokes. Rekeying data is time-consuming, and automation solves most manual keystrokes of data input. Our automation process goes far beyond just pricing, it is deeply integrated into most aspects of our LOS to save the lender time and is open to specific customization through our Open API.

What Does Automation Do for Lenders

Our Total Decision engine functionality can be leveraged through Open API to do even more. Most of LendingQB’s third party integrations can be implemented to work with our Total Decision Engine to automate and simplify steps in the loan origination process. Here are some examples of LendingQB's intelligent automation engine at work: Loan Eligibility, Best Execution pricing, Standard Investor Program Library, Custom/ Private Label loan Products, Rate Sheet generation, Complete Credit Report Data Parsing, Direct DU & LP access, Rules-based Condition Engine, Dynamic Fee Engine, MI Eligibility & Best execution quotes.

TDE Built out from LendingQB's Own Pricing Engine

Pricing engines have been around for a long time in the mortgage industry, LendingQB's dates back to 2002. Our Total Decision Engine was built from the ground up. Our extensive TDE experience lead us to dominate the market in the early 2000’s. Our pricing engine is the only pricing engine with the ability to parse credit.

Automated Pricing Engine

LendingQB's Automated Underwriting system is part of our Total Decision Engine which features seamless integrations to both the GSE AUS’s. It is built into the LOS so that the lender never have to leave the page.


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