Relationships are the cornerstone for any successful strategic partnership. Strategic relationships serve as the foundation for trust in which all ideas stem from. For lenders, having a large menu of features and capable software is great, but these things are nothing without a strong relationship between the loan origination software (LOS) provider and lender that

The strategic relationship between lender and LOS provider is essential if lenders are interested in growing their profits and their business in an efficient manner. A well-designed loan origination system (LOS) is the backbone of a successful mortgage business, but lenders using outdated systems face the challenge of weighing whether the benefits of upgrading to

Grappling with an LOS change involves more than just swapping out one technology for another. In many cases, the biggest hurdle for lenders is recognizing the cultural and organizational change that must accompany a technology change. LendingQB worked with Southern California-based Mountain West Financial to meet this challenge head on and helped them manage their

Zero to TRID in 50 Days

Deciding to change your loan origination solution (LOS) is never an easy decision to make. There’s no way to understate the enormous amount of time and money that an LOS implementation consumes. But when push comes to shove, lenders have to make like The Clash and ask themselves, “Should I Stay or Should I Go



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