implementation services

LendingQB has created a proven method of implementation for every channel of lending. We present a working project plan to each of our new lenders at the beginning of the process which sets goals and assigns tasks to both LendingQB and your project team to make the implementation process as transparent and efficient as possible.

Implementation Plan

LendingQB works with lenders to understand their available resources to determine feasible timelines during pre-implementation.

Timing and Experience

LendingQB spends 4-6 months on implementations which consist of 1-2 calls a week to walk through all necessary implementation steps. These calls serve to train lenders on the system. Implementation teams bring with them an experience minimum of 3 years.

Implementations Communications

LendingQB implementation teams are assigned to each client to draw up a detailed project plan and work with them through the project. Both parties are able to collaborate in real time through phone, email, and regular scheduled meetings.

The Prescriptive Approach

Every lender is different. Our in-house implementation incorporates existing workflows and pipelines to individualize plans so the process can work smoothly and efficiently for lenders of all sizes. This prescriptive approach to implementation has lead LendingQB to a 100% success rate in implementations.

Implementations Methodology

Implementation project plans cover training and implementing the LOS, configuring and customizing the Total Decision Engine, and fee service.
Every step of the implementation process is tracked the entire time by both the lender and LendingQB.

100% implementation success rate

LendingQB has never failed an implementation project

Over 50% of staff is support

Dedicated support staff helps our lenders and partners every step of the way

4 to 6 month implementation setup

On average our lenders are up and running more efficiently within a year


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