support services

"Service and support continue to be a major difference-maker that separates LendingQB from its competitors. With other vendors, you’d be lucky if they respond at all. Whether by email, phone or chat, I can always depend on the LendingQB team to get back to us as soon as possible."

Nicholas Santarelli, Vice President of IT for Mid-Island Mortgage Corp

Software Support Analysts

Software Support Analyst (SSA's) act as the first line of support for our lenders, these engineers are the team of experts who manage the live chat and phone services. Metrics are tracked through our ticketing system so that we can measure how to improve support services.

Integration Support Engineers

Integration Support Engineers (ISE's) answer customer questions regarding integrations and work directly with integration partners on new and existing projects. ISEs work on custom integrations for lenders and develop scopes of work.

Software Automation Engineers

Software Automation Engineers (SAE's) support and maintain the Total Decision Engine. SAEs also configure it for lenders during implementation.

Account Management

Strategic and tactical account management maintain professional relationships with lenders once they go live on the system. Account management teams also do regular “adoptimization” projects and health checks.

Support Center

We provide a one-stop site for all of your support and training needs, including hundreds of Knowledge Base articles, live support, and support tickets. It acts as mission control for support staff.

Knowledge Base

LendingQB's Knowledge Base is managed via the support center. The Knowledge Base is used as a resource for both lenders and internal staff. Lenders can access the Knowledge Base at any time for information on the latest system updates, tips and tricks, and best practices.

Live Support

Live support allows you to interact with a member of our SSA team in real time to resolve urgent issues or additional documentation regarding new or existing features. Each member of our team specializes in a variety of areas to ensure your needs are met.

Support Tickets

Support tickets are also managed via the support center. Lenders can visit the online support page or email to submit support tickets that can be tracked simultaneously between support staff and lenders. Lenders can create new, review old, or update existing tickets from the support center.

Support is an essential part of LendingQB, so much so that over 50% of our staff specializes in support and training.
Hours of support are 6AM-6PM Pacific time. Support can be contacted through phone, email, tickets, or in LOS chat. Each customer is assigned to a strategic and tactical account manager who act as the primary contact for escalated issues.
  • LendingQB employs help desk ticket tracking software via phone, in LOS chat, email, and support tickets, as well as a “non-tiered” support model where representatives are trained to resolve tickets end-to-end.
  • Escalated tickets are exposed to design, development and compliance teams for expedited resolution.

Service levels and the escalation process includes a 100% contracted SLA Compliance and a 99.9% YTD system up time.


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